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Jungian Typology, new and improved

Most of us are familiar with the terms “introvert” and “extravert.” But did you know that these terms were first coined by Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung in 1921? He described three polarities, or pairs of opposites, in the personality.

How do YOU live your personality?

THe Power of Polarities

An Innovative Method to Transform Individuals, Teams and Organizations.

Based on Carl Jung's Theory of the Personality.

What explains extraordinary human achievement? When things are achieved against all odds? Whether you are an individual, team or organization, the key to human achievement lies in opening yourself up to introspection: Who am I? What am I good at? What do I want to do with my life? How can I get there? (and if you are a team or organization, just replace "I" with "We").

Next, understand the polarities in the personalities of yourself and others. The secret behind the power of polarities is that paradoxically they are intended to harmonize, not polarize. Their purpose is to balance, not disrupt each other. They then become an infinite inner source of growth and renewal that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Great achievements are grounded in the ability to harness the power of polarities and cover all the bases of the personality.

This book uses a novel interpretation of Carl Jung’s personality types to help you discover the answers to these questions. It will help you to:



"This book is a lively and serious contribution to the literature on Jung's psychological types theory and its practical application. The emphasis on polarities is fundamental and salutary."

~ Dr. Murray Stein

Jungian Analyst, Author and  former President of the International School of Analytical Psychology.


Robert Johnson, Jungian Analyst and Author passed away in 2018 at age 97. He was a mentor and a friend to me. To honor his life and work, I am posting an interview I conducted with him in 1995 

By John van der Steur 

Knowing your true type is valuable life knowledge. 

What am I good at? What tends to be a struggle? How am I different?

Here's a great exercise for you.

By John van der Steur

No matter what happens in life, it is possible to rebuild and create something new and meaningful which was not there before. Perhaps your Masterpiece.

By John van der Steur 

As the parent of a 10 and 12 year old, I have noticed how math tutoring is a lucrative business in the city of Austin where we live.

Is there a relationship between type and math proficiency?

By John van der Steur

Jung's Psychological Types

1. Perception


Perceiving Polarity

Purpose: Gather information. Discovering facts using the 5 senses (Sensation), or possibilities using the imagination (Intuition).

2. Decision


Judging Polarity

Purpose: Make decisions. Either with the heart (Feeling) or with the head (Thinking).

3. Orientation


Attitudinal Polarity

Purpose: Connect the inner and outer world through reflection (Introversion) and interaction (Extraversion).

How do YOU live your personality?