Your Masterpiece

By John van der Steur - June 21, 2020

A career, producing children, are all maya (illusion) compared with that one thing, that your life is meaningful.

Carl Jung - "The Symbolic Life" (1954), CW18, par. 630

Who are we if we do not know are center? There has never been, nor will there be another you. From your center, you can give meaning and purpose to your life. Over and over again.

When I was working with the Dutch Olympic team there was a player who was let go by the coach. It was devastating for her. Her center was the team, and when she was no longer part of the team, she felt lost. She had to find her center again.

Perhaps you have lost your sense of purpose during this pandemic. Perhaps - just like the Dutch athlete - some of the things that gave your life meaning and purpose are no longer there.

No matter what happens in life, it is possible to rebuild and create something new and meaningful which was not there before. Perhaps your Masterpiece.

During this pandemic, I have developed an exercise habit of hiking in the greenbelt here in Austin. On one of these walks, I made a short video: 3 Steps to Create a Life with Purpose.