The Power of Polarities

in a Workshop

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People's behavior is not random, it follows patterns that Carl Jung called "Psychological Types". These patterns run deep, carving the rivers through which our lives flow.


To develop our personalities, to become whom we are meant to be is a life long task. Sooner or later life compels us to ask ourselves: Who am I? What makes me different? Where do I want to go? How do I get there?


"Be true to yourself, be true to your type", Jung said. That is how you thrive in life's significant roles.


First, Know Your Self

A workshop is an ideal place to examine your life and experience your type with others. It can accelerate or even ignite the process of becoming who you are meant to be.


Ask yourself:

  • Would others describe you as more cool-headed or warm-hearted?

  • Are you more invested in improving the here-and-now or in creating the future?

  • Do you like action and variety or do you prefer reflection and depth?


Your answers to these question indicate a pattern in your personality we call type. Our workshops use a novel interpretation of Carl Jung's personality types to help you:

  • Thrive in life's significant relationships & roles

  • Find the key to your genius

  • Understand and take responsibility for your limitations

  • Be the best you can at what you do


In every workshop you will:

  • Do a fun an interactive card game

  • Receive a complementary personality profile

  • Receive the study guide "First Know Your Self"


Workshops are facilitated by John van der Steur, bestselling Amazon author of The Power of Polarities and First, Know Your Self.


"Great sense of humor; great flow, great to have topic simplified." - Wayne E.

“Excellent new way of looking at myself and my clients” - Chris F.

"One of the best workshops I've ever done." - June S.

"Loved the movement, getting us up and working together." - Danielle T.

Austin TX Workshops

Discovering the Spine of

Your Personality

Special Offer

Until April 1, we offer this workshop for $119.- instead of $149.- 

20% Bring-A-Friend Discount still applies.

Includes workbook "First, Know Your Self" 

Our Workshops are Interactive and Fun...

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