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What is Your Procrastination Style?

The other day I heard someone talking about the "evils of procrastination" and that some people "really have a problem with it". "Not true", I thought, "Every person procrastinates more or less equally, but in different ways." We are all natural procrastinators. It comes with the territory of being human. We all have areas in our lives where we tend to "start later" or "put it off until tomorrow". Carl Jung teaches us that every personality type has a tendency to procrastinate in its own typical way. In essence:

Procrastination is a way of avoiding one's polar opposite function.

Here are some examples... Green Sensation tends to avoid looking for and engaging with new ideas and instead prefers to focus on the practical details in the here and now. Red Feeling can postpone looking at targets and outcomes (as well as the steps and resources to achieve those outcomes) because it is busy making sure everyone is happy and treating each other well. Blue Thinking can become so focused on the task at hand, the problem to solve, or the system to create that it forgets to ask on a heart level: "What really matters to me, and how can I care for others?" Yellow Intuition can have a hard time focusing on what's right in front of it. Instead, it looks at the big picture and important 'principles', meanwhile forgetting the milk is boiling over. In other words, we all put off and avoid something, and it usually is our polar opposite. Have a look at the overview below. What function do you tend to use first and most? And what one do you engage with last?

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