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Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

The personality uses two polar opposite ways to perceive the world. One way is through Sensation which uses the five senses (touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight) to perceive. The opposite way is through Intuition, which uses the imagination to perceive the world of ideas that are not yet tangible but one day could be.

Sensation likes to study science through practical experiments with tangible results. Einstein did not have a strong interest in doing experimental research. In fact, he is known to have had a few accidents when he performed experiments, as the video below will show.

Intuition likes to study science by understanding why things are the way they are, what are the underlying principles. Intuition wants to discover the things that are not yet tangible or observable, but which are true. That these are opposite ways of viewing the world is demonstrated so wonderfully in the video below where Einstein and his future wife Mileva Maric have an interesting dialogue. She the experimental physicist using her Sensation function, he the theoretical physicist using his Intuition. Their exchange is just so very... typical of their types.

Their dialogue ends with Mileva Maric telling Einstein, "Discover quietly, Herr Einstein. Please." Next Einstein creates a fairly loud explosion in the lab by blowing up a tube.

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