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The Power of an Intuitive Scientist

Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity by using his intuition to imagine what would happen if one could travel at the speed of light. He called this a "thought experiment". What he say in his mind was that time would be frozen!

Typologically he used his Intuitive function to imagine what would happen and his logical Thinking function to analyze. It was an astonishing discovery because it completely upset 200 years of Newtonian physics. In the clip below you meet his girlfriend at the time, Marie. She is more the caring and compassionate Feeling type. She is not interested in his theories but she is in him!

This video shows how the absent minded professor is not really absent minded, he is just using his mind to make discoveries in his imagination. He calls this a "thought experiment". His girlfriend is helping him with French words, but he is elsewhere...

As a professor at Princeton, he tried to teach his students to use their intuition in "thought experiment". It is not very likely that his students had an intuition as well developed as his. What this clip shows so well is that his intuition was so well developed that he really saw these things in his mind. It also shows what a great logical thinker he was. For 200 years the laws of Newtonian physics had been seen as absolute. Velocity = Distance divided by Time. But what if time is not an absolute constant? What if time "freezes" when you travel at the speed of light?

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