Study Guide to The Power of Polarities

First, Know Your Self.


Would others describe you more as cool-headed or warm-hearted? Are you more invested in improving the here-and-now or in creating a better tomorrow? Do you like action and variety or reflection and depth?


This full color study guide to the Power of Polarities can help you understand your own personality and that of family, friends and colleagues in an hour of reading. It is Jung's typology made simple! Get your copy today. 

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Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Polarities?

Inner Work for Outer Change

What explains extraordinary human achievement? When things are achieved against all odds? Whether you are an individual, team or organization, the key to human achievement lies in opening yourself up to introspection: Who am I? What am I good at? What do I want to do with my life? How can I get there? (and if you are a team or organization, just replace "I" with "We").


Next, understand the polarities in the personalities of yourself and others. The secret behind the power of polarities is that paradoxically they are intended to harmonize, not polarize. Their purpose is to balance, not disrupt each other. They then become an infinite inner source of growth and renewal that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Great achievements are grounded in the ability to harness the power of polarities and cover all the bases of the personality.


This book uses a novel interpretation of Carl Jung’s personality types to help you discover the answers to these questions. It will help you to:


  • Understand your personality and its development

  • Thrive in life's significant roles and relationships.

  • Find the key to your genius

  • Understand and take responsibility for your limitations

  • Live your life with intention and have authentic impact

  • Gain a sense of purpose, meaning and belonging

  • Change and forge your destiny

  • Be the best you can at what you do

"This book is a lively and serious contribution to the literature on Jung's psychological types theory and its practical application. The emphasis on polarities is fundamental and salutary."

~ Dr. Murray Stein

Jungian Analyst, Author and  former President of the International School of Analytical Psychology.

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John van der Steur was trained as an economist, worked as a management consultant at Accenture and KPMG, became an entrepreneur, typologist, and team development facilitator. In 2002 he founded Insights Learning & Development in the Benelux which became a leader in the market for human development services.


He has worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of teams to help them achieve their goals. Clients include Olympic gold medalists and corporate teams globally. After 10 years he left the Netherlands to live in Austin, TX.


He currently devotes his time to the development of new and innovative solutions for human effectiveness. In 2020 he was offered a faculty position on the Jung Platform to teach Jungian typology. 


In his own words:


"I have had a lifelong fascination with the psychology of Carl Jung and have specialized myself in the practical application of his work. I am passionate about helping people discover their personalities and see what unique capabilities and potentials they bring to the table. This book is the result of 30 years of experience in this field. 


I believe you must know yourself if you want to navigate and thrive in today’s chaotic world.  Understand your personality, your mind, your heart, and most importantly your unique purpose or calling in this world. I invite you to browse this site, learn about my book, my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.

I am the product of a Dutch father and an American mother and was raised in the Netherlands. Currently, I live in Austin and am the proud father of two tall Dutch-American girls age eleven and thirteen. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, biking, practicing Iyengar Yoga, and meditation."

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