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Powerful Career Breakthrough Workshops in Austin, TX

Every 1st Saturday of the month.

Do You Thank God it is Friday?

Perhaps this is because you find yourself:

  • Working in a job you do not truly love. Even a profession you do not love.

  • Staying in it to pay the bills.

  • Not believing life has a better job in store for you.

  • Believing you could achieve so much more in a different job.

  • Wondering if your ladder is up against the wrong wall.

  • Investing time and money in a business venture and get stuck in the dynamics.

  • In a situation where your marriage is suffering from your work. 

  • Experiencing your workplace as a toxic and dysfunctional environment.

  • Never daring to be your authentic self. 

  • In a place where your skills are not recognized.

  • In a place where you are not doing what you are good at.

  • Doing work that is not contributing something meaningful to the world. 

Stop wasting your time, talent and energy on work that does not inspire you to get out of bed in the morning, energized to be the best you can be.


What if you were truly energized and excited about going to work on Monday?

This Breakthrough to Your Dream Job is a very special program. It will help you to:

  • Identify your real priorities and help you to follow your passion, not your pension.

  • Forge your destiny and follow your bliss.

  • Discover a job you love, so you find yourself working with passion and purpose.

  • Boost your confidence, courage, and self-esteem.

  • Identify and find your signature gifts, skills, talents, strengths, and unique genius.

  • Increase your productivity and reduce stress, insecurity, anxiety, depression, boredom, and self-doubt

  • Hit your business, personal and financial targets with more ease and flow. 

  • Break away from a job you hate, find a career you will enjoy.

  • Be true to yourself and transform your life through your work.

  • Increase your health and well-being by successfully make a career change. 

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